D’Amico, New York




When I travel, I have tendency to visit the same places. This summer trip, I visited D’Amico, italian deli. I found this place last January when I walked around in Cobble Hills, Brooklyn. I was fascinated with D’Amico coffee selection; from shade grown organic Peruvian, organic French roast Colombian, organic French roast Sumatra until fair trade organic Ethiopian Yirgachaefee. My favorite coffee is French roast hazelnut Colombian. It tastes so good.

D’Amico also has a good selection of sandwich. You can order from the menu or ask them to make your own sandwich. As for me, I like a roll sandwich with mozarella cheese and italian meat or mozzarella, dried tomatoes and proscciuoto. Those are my favorite.

The place is simple. You can smell the coffee once you enter D’amico. Everything is so delicious there! If you are into Italian food, I recommend you to visit this place. I can say that It is one of my favorite places in New York.

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