The Compliance with International Environmental Law – Indonesia

INTRODUCTION Environmental degradation is a global concern. Pollution in one country can have negative impacts on another. Therefore, international cooperation is imperative to dealing with environmental problems. One way in which the world community addresses environmental problems is through the development of international environmental conventions. These conventions are the foundation of international environmental law. While … Continue reading The Compliance with International Environmental Law – Indonesia

License Review for the Implementation REDD+ in Jambi

Mining and plantation are two sectors that greatly contribute to the regional economy. From 2008-2012, the plantation sector contributed 19.27 up to 25.29% of the Regional Domestic product with the mining sector contributing 17.38%. [1] There are a series of issues that negatively impact and reduce investment into the mining and plantation sector. One of … Continue reading License Review for the Implementation REDD+ in Jambi

Osmond Villa – Lembang Highland

If you are craving for nature and fresh air, you are in the right place - Osmond Villa! Osmond Villa is located in Lembang Highland, Bandung. The villa is surrounded by three (3) mountains, Mt. Gunung Putri, Mt Tangkuban Perahu and Mt. Burangrang. You may need sweater or jacket because the temperature in Lembang can … Continue reading Osmond Villa – Lembang Highland

Sustainability of Palm Oil in Indonesia

Palm oil is a major ingredient in consumer goods products both food and non-food products. It contributes to the economic development in Indonesia.  On the other hands, palm oil faces many challenges such as deforestation issue, social conflict, and GHG emissions. The palm oil plantation expansion is taking pace on forested peat lands. Peat land has … Continue reading Sustainability of Palm Oil in Indonesia

Taste of North Korean in Jakarta

The North Korean government runs restaurants in some countries, called Pyongyang. I visited one of the restaurants that it is located in Jakarta. Pyongyang restaurant looks like a house from outside. The area of parking is not big. I think that only can accomodate 3 or 4 cars. When I entered the restaurant, the beautiful … Continue reading Taste of North Korean in Jakarta

D’Amico, New York

  When I travel, I have tendency to visit the same places. This summer trip, I visited D'Amico, italian deli. I found this place last January when I walked around in Cobble Hills, Brooklyn. I was fascinated with D'Amico coffee selection; from shade grown organic Peruvian, organic French roast Colombian, organic French roast Sumatra until … Continue reading D’Amico, New York