Osmond Villa – Lembang Highland

If you are craving for nature and fresh air, you are in the right place - Osmond Villa! Osmond Villa is located in Lembang Highland, Bandung. The villa is surrounded by three (3) mountains, Mt. Gunung Putri, Mt Tangkuban Perahu and Mt. Burangrang. You may need sweater or jacket because the temperature in Lembang can … Continue reading Osmond Villa – Lembang Highland



Berbak National Park is located in Jambi, Sumatra Island that has high value of biodiversity; such as Sumatran Tiger, crocodile, gibbon, Malayan Tapir and birds. It was declared as a protected forest under the Ramsar Convention.      

Taste of North Korean in Jakarta

The North Korean government runs restaurants in some countries, called Pyongyang. I visited one of the restaurants that it is located in Jakarta. Pyongyang restaurant looks like a house from outside. The area of parking is not big. I think that only can accomodate 3 or 4 cars. When I entered the restaurant, the beautiful … Continue reading Taste of North Korean in Jakarta