Osmond Villa – Lembang Highland

If you are craving for nature and fresh air, you are in the right place – Osmond Villa!

Osmond Villa is located in Lembang Highland, Bandung. The villa is surrounded by three (3) mountains, Mt. Gunung Putri, Mt Tangkuban Perahu and Mt. Burangrang. You may need sweater or jacket because the temperature in Lembang can be 17-28C during the evening. Yes yes it can be cold!

In the morning, you can go for trekking to the hills or the production forest behind the villa. There is a Dutch fortress that is not far from the villa – up to the hill. If you are into challenge, you may go trekking for approximately 4-6 hours to the crater of Mt. Tangkubang Perahu. In this case, you you have to enter into the protected forest. But you have to be alerted since the Mountain is still active.

If you want to do relaxing trekking, you can walk around the villa or you can hang out at its bale-bale with the mountain view. You also can play pool, ping pong or badminton. And you can just sit and read your book.

This place is perfect for silent getaway with the scenic view!!!

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How to get there: You can drive or take a public shuttle bus. It takes approximately 3 hours driving from Jakarta to Lembang. The public shuttle bus is called Daytrans that will cost you IDR 75,000. From the bus station in Bandung City, you may take “angkot” – mini bus to Lembang or taxi. Other options, you can arrange the transportation with us. We provide a shuttle bus with 16 seaters. Other options, you can take a train from Gambir Station to Bandung City with Argo Parahiyangan. The train ticket is IDR 90,000. For the train station, you can take a taxi to Osmond Villa.

Further information: http://www.osmondvilla.com


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