Do you want to open restaurant or bar in Indonesia? One of the requirement is obtaining SIUP Minuman Beralkohol (“Trading Business License fro Alcohol Beverage) from Departement Trade of Regional Office.

The required documents for application SIUP MB as follows:

(i)         Application Letter;

(ii)        Application Form;

(iii)      Copy of DoE and MoLHR;

(iv)       Copy of NPWP;

(v)        Copy of TDP;

(vi)       Copy of LoD;

(vii)     UUG Bar License;

(viii)    Bar License;

(ix)      SIUP MB of the Distributor/Sub Distributor Company;

(x)        Appointment Letter from the Distributor/Sub Distributor Company;

(xi)      List of Alcohol Beverages from the Distributor/Sub Distributor Company;

(xii)     Recommendation Letter issued by the Trade Service Office of Central Jakarta;

(xiii)   Recommendation Letter of Keramaian issued by the Police Office;

(xiv)    License for trading the alcohol beverages issued by the Police Department;

(xv)     Minutes of Site Visit issued by Trade Regional Office of DKI Jakarta;

(xvi)    Photograph of Director (3X4, 4 pieces);

(xvii)  Copy of identity card of Directors and Commissioners;

(xviii) Appointment Letter from Director; and

(xix)   PoA (for handling the processes).


The said license will be issued approximately 2 (two) months after submission of the application.


Abbreviation: LoD  = Letter of Domicile

PoA  = Power of Attorney

DoE  = Deed of Establishment

MoLHR= Minister of Law and Human Right

TDP= Company Registration Certificate

NPWP= Taxpayer Registration Number



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