12 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Kinz says:

    Hi Ms JC,
    May i seek your advice for the below issue:

    I will like to start up a business in Indonesia.
    Nature of the business: Trading, import of household appliances from china maker and distribute to Indonesian customers.

    However, i am not very sure on the various kind of tariff listed in the “Buku Tarif Bea Masuk Indonesia 2007”. Could you advice me what are the various tariff that i’ll be facing?

    1) Import Tax
    2) CEPT
    3) PPN (Value Added Tax)
    4) PPNBM (Sales of Luxury Goods)

    I come to understand that Indonesia is one of the member states which accept “Form E” for the purpose of preferential treatment under the ASEAN-CHINA free trade preferential tariff. This “Form E Application” is target to Import Tax or CEPT?

    Appreciate your enlightenment.

      • Kinz says:

        Hi Ms JC,
        I try to reach HWMA, however i’m not sure if the contact numbers on the website is correct or not. I tried several times but it cannot be dial through…
        I am looking for a legal consultant in indonesia for my upcoming business.
        Maybe we can discuss further via email?
        Do you mind to provide me your email address?


  2. John D Paterson says:

    Dear Miss JC,
    How are you? You have a great website. I’ve an established seafood export business active throughout Asia. I’m based in Bali, and married to an Indonesian. I’d like to open a company, that can import and distribute seafood & non seafood products in Bali and also to the major super markets in Java. Please advise what kind of company I need to open and the process to obtain an import license for distribution. I’m not in a rush, as my business is already active outside Indonesia, but need assistance to setup correctly/legally for the future. Please help, John
    PS I don’t mind if you reply directly to my email with details.

  3. Lily Meng says:

    Dear missjc,
    You are presenting us very good information. Could you introduce me some contacts of import company located in Indonesia? We are China brand trucks supplier. Thanks!

  4. Jaz says:

    I have purchased some building materials such as tiles, tempered glass etc for building private home in Bali; Do I need a import license and what kind of duties do I have to pay? A quick check showed duties being asked by agents for customs clearance are about 90% of invoice which is ridiculously high!Can you help?

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