New Regulation on Import License in Indonesia

Ministry of Trade issued a new regulation on the Import License (Ministry of Trade No.45/M-DAG/PER/9/2009 which came into effect on January 11, 2010. The Company that holds the Limited Import License or APIT-U must conduct adjustment to this regulation within one (1) year after this law came into effect. With APIT-U, the Company can import goods for the production purposes and import goods for distribution purposes. Now, the Company cannot conduct importation for both purposes. The Company must choose either holds General Import License (“API-U”) or the Producer Import License (“API-P”). The Company that conducts importation of goods for trading or distribution activities must obtain API-U. On other hands, the Company that conducts importation of goods for its own production process must obtain API-P. Under this regulation, the Company may only have one type of import license.

39 thoughts on “New Regulation on Import License in Indonesia

  1. Dewi Amalia says:

    Dear Madam,

    How long will it takes to get the licence API-U
    I have a CV and all required papers for a licence.
    Awaiting your reply,


    Dewi Amalia

  2. Tashfeen Mogul says:

    Hi.I want to purchase batik from Indonesia to be sent to London here Please explain how to obtain an import licence.I have contacted the suppliers for prices!Thanks.I await reply.

    • missjc says:

      Dear Tashefeen,

      You dont have to obtain an import license because you are a buyer. Your supplier must have an export license. The import license of Indonesia is required if an Indonesian company wants to import some goods or raw materials from outside Indonesia.

  3. Sok Ching says:

    I want import some frozen vegetable to Indonesia but i dun know how to import to Indonesia , what required from Indonesia customs? Missjc can you help me . Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you

  4. Taahir Salie says:

    Please inform me on how to obtain a APTI-U, im a foreigner in Indonesia, and would like to conduct business here

  5. marsri k says:

    I like to have more info about how to import feed additives from Holland to Indonesia. Or do u know some one / a company for registeration of produc

  6. pravin says:

    Hi my name is pravin Dhengale , i am stay at Banda Aceh
    i have to start my own import export business .
    so, please send me details how i start and how i get import export licence.
    i am eagerly waiting for your reply..

  7. Wen Li says:

    Hi there , we are company from malaysia, we wish to export our goods to indonesia market, referred to the statement above, we should apply for the the Producer Import License (“API-P”). Could you advice which depart we should refer to ? What is the procedure to apply? May I know How long will it takes to get the licence API-U?

    • missjc says:

      The Indonesian company who wishes to import your products that must apply for import license. The Indonesian imported company must hold APIU because that company doesnt produce the products.
      Is that beverage product? Then, the imported company also must obtain a license to distribute it in Indonesia to the National Agency of Food & Drug Control (Badan Pengawas Obat & Makanan).

      If the imported company is the ordinary PT (limited liability company), then it must apply the license to Dept of Trade. If the imported company is the PMA (foreign investment company), then it must apply the license to the Coordinating Investment Body (BKPM).

      Time of period to obtain APIU is depend on the completeness of the required documents (2-3weeks).

  8. Manser says:

    I have a painting which I want to bring to Indonesia. I am not a company, it is a personal item. The painting is currently with UPS who tell me I need an import licence in order to get it into Indonesia. Is this correct and if so how do I proceed?

  9. Yuniana Widjaja says:

    Hi MissJC,
    I am interested in importing food items from Japan to Indonesia, could you tell me what steps I need to take & what licences are needed to make this happen? Thank you & bravo for your informative website!

    • missjc says:

      You may apply import license and obtain food registration number from BPOM (Food & Drugs Monitoring Body) in order to distribute the said food in Indonesia

  10. Mohamed Ismail says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know more about new import license regulation reference Trade Ministry Peraturan Menteri Perdagangan Republic Indonesia Number:27 / M-DAG / PER / 5 / 2012 mentioned per company can import only one category of product for example supermarket shelving.
    Is there an English version report for me to review.
    Also which Trade Ministry Department in Jakarta I can refer and discuss.
    Please advice soonest


  11. Indruta says:

    Hello, this website looks really informative, but I would need a specific help with Indonesian customs, have been trying to get info from dhl, ups with different answers. Do you have a phone number, address who I could contact in regards to temporary import ( sending samples from Indonesia and then returning them)

  12. Jericho Ang says:

    Hi, I intend to export organic fertiliser to 1) a local distribution company and 2) a plantation for self use; would it be just API-U only or is there other license required for both scenario?

  13. G-G says:

    We are a small distribution company out of hong kong wishing to import fashion apparel into Indonesia, that will be distributed to retailers (who have ordered in advance). We are not taking product in to sell ourselves. Can you advise if we need a license and is so, are their companies in indonesia (preferably Bali or Jakarta) who can act as our agent so that we do not have to set up an Indonesian company? If there are such companies, how can we find them?
    Thank you

  14. BEER says:

    I am a student from Thailand. Now I have big reported about all of political law of Indonesia but I can not find any informations . Can you send about Indonesia. Thanks you
    Sorry for my english language.

  15. Debbie Cooper says:

    Dear Miss JC

    What a wonderful and informative site!!! No frills just uncomplicated questions and answers!!! Congratulations!!! Now, I have a tricky question and this one may be complicated because it is to do with food and meat products being imported into Indonesia by a Balinese. It is a meat pie product that is to be imported from England to Indonesia. The meat pie is completed in its processing in the UK, snapped frozen and sent to Indonesia to be reheated and sold. Thankyou!!! (and keep up the good work with this site)

    • missjc says:

      Hi Debbie, before balinese company starts the importation of meat pie, the Company must obtain permit from Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan – BPOM or Supervision of Drugs and Food Body of Indonesia. The process is quite long since BPOM requests the Company to do test on the content of the food. BPOM appointments SUCOFINDO to do the test. You may check BPOM website
      Sorry for late reply. I havent checked my blog for long time.

    • missjc says:

      Yes you have to obtain import license. You may consult with the import department of Ministry of Trade with regard this. As far that I know that Indonesian government has pretty strict regulation on importation of alcohol. I have not updated my article on alcohol license since I wrote that.

  16. Melissa Downes says:

    Dear Miss JC,
    Can you please advise the cost of an import license for Fabric from Europe to Bali? I believe it is a three week process by your replies above.
    Thanks so much!

  17. Jeannie says:

    we have just sent an ipad mini for a work team member in Jakata and the item is being delayed and we are being told we need an import license

  18. Francis says:

    I applied for PT PMA company in Indonesia & the local partner has received all Licenses, we do not need to import just export out of Indonesia various products,, already received investment approval PPM from Bkpm, what are the other License required for export. our investment

  19. Louis says:

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