Taste of North Korean in Jakarta

The North Korean government runs restaurants in some countries, called Pyongyang. I visited one of the restaurants that it is located in Jakarta. Pyongyang restaurant looks like a house from outside. The area of parking is not big. I think that only can accomodate 3 or 4 cars. When I entered the restaurant, the beautiful … Continue reading Taste of North Korean in Jakarta

D’Amico, New York

  When I travel, I have tendency to visit the same places. This summer trip, I visited D'Amico, italian deli. I found this place last January when I walked around in Cobble Hills, Brooklyn. I was fascinated with D'Amico coffee selection; from shade grown organic Peruvian, organic French roast Colombian, organic French roast Sumatra until … Continue reading D’Amico, New York

Subject to Income Tax in Indonesia

Income tax is imposed to an individual or individuals and entities with regard to their income received or accrued during the tax year. Subject to Tax e.g.: a. 1) Individual; 2) Undivided inheritance as a single unit in lieu of the right of the heirs: Undivided inheritance as a   single unit is subject to the … Continue reading Subject to Income Tax in Indonesia

Can Foreigners Open Restaurant in Indonesia

Foreigners can open restaurants in Indonesia. However, foreigners must have an Indonesian Partner(s). Based on the negative list regulation (Government Regulation 36/2010) on List of Business that opens/closes for the Foreign Investment, stipulates that the composition of shares of the Foreigner(s) is maximum 51% for restaurant industries. The foreigner(s) and Indonesian partner(s) enter a joint venture … Continue reading Can Foreigners Open Restaurant in Indonesia